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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My workout for today 6/22/11

Today was a weight training day along with a plyometric workout. I've just recently started doing the workout regimen found here to get myself in shape for the upcoming fall rugby season. The weight training is as follows:
1. Military Presses-- From a sitting position pushing weight directly over your head.
2. Deltoid Lifts-- From a sitting position lifting weight outward and to the side.
3. Biceps Curls-- From a sitting position lifting weight by bending your arms.
4. Triceps Extensions-- From a sitting position lifting weight by extending your arms.
5. Pull Downs-- From a sitting position pulling weight downward and behind your neck.
6. Butterflies-- From lying on your back with your arms either fully extended or bent at the elbow lifting weight from your sides without bending your arms (i.e.-not using you biceps to lift the weight).
7. Leg Curls-- Like Biceps Curls except using your legs while lying on your stomach.
8. Leg Extensions-- Like Triceps Extensions except using your legs while sitting.
9. Anything Else that Suits Your Fancy-- Hand and wrist strengthening exercises, neck work for front row players, situps, stomach crunches, or whatever.
 Each of these is done once and only once. No need to repeat sets or anything. Just go through the rotation once and you're done. Each exercise is done for 8-12 reps. If you do less than 8 continue on with the next exercise and remember to use less weight next time. If you do more than 12, continue on and remember to use less weight next time.

Next up is plyometrics. To complete the workout you have to reach 200 foot contacts and no more. To me, this just means 200 repetitions of any plyometric exercise you do. Here is a link to various different plyometric exercises. All of the ones I use are contained on that page.
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All together this workout took me about an hour but I am sure to feel some hurting tomorrow from it. Heck, I feel some now.

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