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Monday, June 6, 2011

Great, Yummy, and Healthy Protein-Packed Snack

So many adjectives to describe one simple snack, but it's true once you hear it! If you eat this in one of your meals for the day (because you should be having 5 to 6 small ones), you'll be satisfied, and have gotten the protein to help your body regrow from a hard days workout. Are you ready? There's only two ingredients...

Ingredient 1: Greek Yogurt. Oh my word! Greek Yogurt! Shocker! Well, kind of. I'm not sure if people know just how good Greek Yogurt is for you. Here's the label from the Greek Yogurt I have here, Fage's 0% Greek Yogurt:
Now why am I so crazy about this?! This is basically like eating protein powder, 23g of protein in a 1 cup serving. Furthermore, you aren't sacrificing calories, in a 1 cup serving, there are only 130 calories and to add on to that, 0 fat! Trust me, with a cup of this and maybe some water or a fruit you'll be full! Do you see why I am so excited about it? Skip the old plain vanilla yogurt and go with this. However, those of us who know how bad plain Greek yogurt can taste know that it needs a little something extra. But wait, I don't want to add calories! Well, okay then, we won't...or not many of them at all. Let's move on to the second ingredient, Sugar Free Preserves!:

Above is a picture of the brand I have here, a simple Wal-mart brand, strawberry sugar-free preserve. It was kind of hard to get everything in the picture since the jar is so small and rounded, but look at what you can see! First off, 10 calories per tablespoon, can you say semi-liquid gold? The label itself says 80% less calories than normal preserves, what progress they've made! Now for all the Splenda haters out there, I don't care about what sweetens my stuff as long as it tastes better. You'd have to eat a whole box of Splenda packets before anything happens to you. That being said, the small 10 calories are basically coming from the minimal amount of carbs, 5g per serving. Honestly, you don't need very much of this stuff to make your Greek yogurt taste better. If you add 2 tablespoons of the stuff you'll already be making your yogurt nice and pink. Personally I've never measured how much of the preserves that I've put on but at most I'd say 3 tablespoons, a minimal 30 calories.

So, if you total up 1 big cup of Greek yogurt that has 23g of protein and 130 calories added to about 3 tablespoons of sugar-free preserves of any fruit that you can find, you have a snack that is only 160 calories, tastes good, is full of protein, and has 0 fat. Personally, I find this so great that a meal like this can exist. Add on some plain shredded wheat, a piece of fruit (even though you've already got fruit preserves) and some water, and you've got a fine meal that could fit in any part of the day. 

Don't go and buy the Greek yogurt with the fruit that comes with it on the side or on the bottom. Buy a nice big jug of it since it does not spoil quickly and buy some preserves of your own. Add in what you need and enjoy!

Take care,

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